Our Approach To Pain

Let’s face it: everyone has aches and pains here and there. But some of us deal with a more intense, ongoing, and debilitating pain that doesn’t go away or worse, prevents us from living a full life. 

This kind of pain, often called “chronic pain,” causes feelings of frustration, anger, and hopelessness. You wonder, “Why me?” and “Why can’t anyone figure out how to get rid of my pain?” These feelings typically lead people down a long and winding path to get out of pain.

Evaluation by your primary care doctor


Imaging, medications


Referred to specialist


Experiment with injections


Experiment with holistic care


Consider/try surgery


Visit traditional physical therapy practices


Realize nothing has worked – still in pain after lots of time, energy, and money

Motion Stability takes a different approach to pain.

 For starters, in our practice, you don’t have “chronic pain” (a dead-end diagnosis), you have unresolved pain — pain for which there still exists a solution, it just needs a better approach.  

Traditional physical therapy practices watch you perform exercises, apply hot packs, or use electrical stimulation devices. Motion Stability works to understand (and help you understand) the unique way in which your body moves, alongside your individual journey of pain. When we know who you really are and what makes your pain story unique (your “pain narrative”), we can help you find solutions that resolve your pain.

All pain is not the same.

All pain is not the same. Motion Stability takes a better approach to solving the pain experience unique to you:

  • Time and attention to know the person behind the pain
  • Compassion
  • Dedicated and uninterrupted hands-on care 
  • Educate you on how your body moves
  • Highly individualized treatment solutions
  • Coordinate with relevant health practitioners

Get off the long and winding path to unresolved pain — take charge of your care and come see Motion Stability to get out of pain, get moving, and restore your life’s full potential. We look forward to helping you!