Surgical Rehabilitation

Motion Stability provides the undivided attention to work with you during your post-surgical rehabilitation. We will coordinate with your surgeon on the proper guidelines and progressions following your surgery to help you achieve the motion, strength and quality of life you want to achieve with your successful surgery. Although there are many times, specific protocols that need to be followed after surgery, we will not treat you like a number or just another person that got the same surgery as you did. We understand there are unique circumstances your body presents and will provide the hands on attention and an assessment of your entire body to help you fully recover from your surgery. Below is a list of common surgeries that we have worked with.


Cervical discectomy / fusion / laminectomy

Cervical disc replacement

TMJ arthroscopy


Lumbar discectomy / fusion / laminectomy

Scoliosis spinal fusion 

Lumbar disc replacement


Tennis elbow debridement

Elbow / forearm fracture repairs

Elbow arthroscopy

Scroiliac Joint (SIJ)

SIJ fusion


Ankle arthroscopy / fusion

Fibula/Tibia fracture


Achilles tendon repair

Compartment syndrome release

Posterior tibialis repair

Foot fracture repair

Plantar fasciitis repair


Thoracic Outlet Syndrome – Decompression / Rib Release


Rotator cuff repair

Labral repair

Subacromial decompression

Fracture repair

Shoulder instability/dislocation surgery


Carpal tunnel release

Contracture release

Colles fracture 

TFCC repair


Total hip replacement / resurfacing

Hip labrum repair / reconstruction

Hip impingement / dysplasia

Pelvic / femur fracture repair


Total knee replacement

Meniscectomy / meniscus repair

Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) repair

Quadriceps tendon repair

Patellar tendon repair