Conditions Treated:

General Mobility

Common Diagnoses

Trouble walking, balance difficulties, falls, fatigue, inflexibility, muscle spasms

Research Says

Mobility limitations are common, especially in aging populations. Regarding mobility limitations in elderly people, the Journal of the American Medical Association states, “Referral to physical therapy is appropriate, because physical therapists can assess mobility limitations and devise curative or function-enhancing interventions. The article goes on to state that physical therapy is particularly beneficial when introducing resistance and balance exercises, as well as making necessary environmental changes to increase safety and mobility. 

Why Motion Stability?

Mobility is directly related to your quality of life. Whether your goal is to move around the house with less pain, be more active in your community, or run a marathon, the therapists at Motion Stability are committed to helping you reach those goals. Under our treatment model, you won’t be thrown on a “one-size fits all” plan. During each of your appointments, you will spend the entire visit with a Doctor of Physical Therapy who will complete a thorough evaluation to assess all of the possible factors that might be limiting your mobility.


Brown CJ, Flood KL. Mobility Limitation in the Older Patient: A Clinical Review. JAMA. 2013;310(11):1168–1177. doi:10.1001/jama.2013.276566