What can I expect from physical therapy?

Physical Therapists perform a variety of interventions, including manual therapy, neuromuscular re-education and therapeutic exercise. At Motion Stability, all treatments are performed by the Physical Therapist; we do not employ aides or technicians. Exercises are supervised and individualized for the patient as it pertains to their condition and goals for therapy. Each patient is also instructed in a home exercise program, which is designed to complement treatments performed in the clinic, as well as given instruction in proper posture and body mechanics.

Do I need a prescription from my doctor?

Georgia state law allows the patient to receive a physical therapy examination and treatment without a referral from a physician for the first 21 days or 8 visits. There are other instances like chronic or neuromuscular developmental conditions as well as health, wellness, and maintenance status that allows the patient to extend their physical therapy care past this time span. Please note that there are some insurance providers that do require a physician referral. When the patient contacts us to schedule, we are happy to collect the proper information of the patient’s case to determine if a physician’s referral is required.

What do I need to bring with me on my first appointment?

Please be sure to bring your completed patient forms, any referral or script from your doctor or other health practitioner (if available), your insurance card, driver’s license, and method of payment. Please arrive 20 minutes ahead of time to make sure all forms and necessary paperwork are completed. Changing facilities, lockers, and showers are available.

What should I wear to my first apointment?

Generally, it is a good idea to wear loose and comfortable clothing that allows you to move freely. If the condition for which you are being treated involves a specific region of the body it is preferred that that area be as accessible as possible. If you have been given or are currently using any assistive devices, including orthotics, please bring them with you. Motion Stability has lockers available for use to store all of your personal items during your session. Please ask the receptionist for instructions and availability. We also have private areas in which you can change.

What will happen during my first appointment?

During your first visit, we will talk to you about your history and ask you questions relating to your injury or problem including what your symptoms are and what makes you feel better or worse. We will ask about previous injuries, other current or past medical conditions, as well as your daily activities such as work, sports and hobbies in order to determine factors related to your problem. We will also review any special tests (x-rays, CT scans, etc.) that you have had.

We will then do a physical assessment and biomechanical exam to assess your movement and problem areas. Along with your history, this will help us determine the cause of your pain and dysfunction and how to treat it most cost effectively and efficiently. We will then discuss our findings and begin our treatment plan directed at achieving your identified goals for therapy.

What will happen on subsequent visits?

Your session may involve various forms of treatment based on your individual needs. Treatments may include, but are not limited to manual therapy, dry needling, neurodynamics, modalities, and specific exercise and functional movement progressions. All interventions all aimed to reduce your pain and dysfunction and restore you to your functional and sporting goals.