Sports Performance

Whether you’re a weekend warrior or a professional athlete, Motion Stability offers specialized rehabilitation techniques and training programs for your specific sport.

We understand that success in rehabilitating an athlete with injuries requires clinicians that understand the nature of your sport. Our approach to treatment generally begins with treating the involved tissue pathologies in your body that are injured. Treatments often include manual therapy, dry needling, taping, and modalities. We also perform a comprehensive movement analysis that examines and identifies how the movement of your entire body can affect the way the body moves, especially in high-end performance. We tailor your sports specific rehabilitation program through corrective and functional exercises that strengthen the foundation of the muscles needed to stabilize your body during high-level performance as well as focusing on exercises that may be unique to your sport.

We are always happy to collaborate with your coach or trainer, as our goal is to help you fully integrate proper body mechanics and injury prevention into your training regimen. Motion Stability strives to do our best, as performance rehabilitation specialists, to play our part in helping you fulfill your potential again.