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Whether you’re a weekend warrior or a professional athlete, Motion Stability offers specialized rehabilitation techniques and training strategies for your specific sport.

We understand that success in rehabilitating an athlete with injuries requires clinicians that understand the nature of your sport. Our approach to treatment generally begins with treating the involved Tissue Pathologies in your body that are injured. Treatments often include manual therapy, dry needling, taping, and modalities. We also perform a comprehensive Movement Analysis that examines and identifies how the movement of your entire body, including your vision, can affect the way the body moves, especially in high-end performance. We tailor your sports specific rehabilitation program through corrective and functional exercises that strengthen the foundation of the muscles needed to stabilize your body during high-level performance as well as focusing on exercises that may be unique to your sport.

We are always happy to collaborate with your coach or trainer, as our goal is to help you fully integrate proper body mechanics and injury prevention into your training regimen. Motion Stability strives to do our best, as performance rehabilitation specialists, to play our part in helping you fulfill your potential again.

Sports Specific


Motion Stability is the proud physical therapy provider for the WNBA Atlanta Dream as well as works with NBA, collegiate, high school and recreational basketball players. We specialize in assessing biomechanical inefficiencies in a player’s movements that may lead to injuries often experienced by basketball players, such as patellar tendinitis, Achilles tendinitis, hip or back pain as well as rehabilitation of ACL reconstructions and ankle sprains. Our goal is to help each athlete play pain free at full speed.


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Motion Stability has a niche specialty practice in golf performance and rehabilitation. We have had the honor of working with PGA and LPGA players as well as competitive collegiate and youth golfers. We have also been published in Golf Magazine in both magazine and book formats.

Motion Stability provides specific interventions to treat ongoing injuries and pain related to the golf swing. We are able to assess a player’s specific body type in terms of the flexibility and strength required for the modern golf swing. We specialize in focusing on and improving the body mechanics required to allow the golfer to efficiently handle the amount of torque the body undergoes with the perfect swing.



Many runners feel their injuries go away over time, or experience relief of reoccurring issues through treatments that are only temporarily effective. Motion Stability provides an in depth study of the clients running mechanics, how each runner’s body, joints, and muscles are working together to affect their running stride. We specialize in providing specific and individualized exercises and treatment focused on restoring proper strength and flexibility, addressing any biomechanical inefficiencies that may be present in the body, and integrating the runner back to their desired running programs.



Motion Stability has worked with elite tennis players on both the professional and collegiate level, with a specialty in working with adolescent players aspiring to play in college and/or professionally. We have worked with the USTA as well as independent players and coaches to help tennis players with their specific injuries as well as helping players improve their overall playing performance with a focus on refining the body mechanics required to play the perfect match.



The injuries or pain a triathlete might experience are unique, because they may be related to the execution or training required for any one of the events involved, but most often are related to and affect the entire triathlon. Motion Stability examines the biomechanical tendencies of the triathlete, paying special attention for issues such as a weak hip, or a tight ankle that may ultimately be affecting an athletes run, bike, and swim. Ultimately we seek to rehabilitate your specific injury or source of pain and help you refine your full body mechanics to aide in efficient high level performance and endurance.



Motion Stability has physical therapists on our staff that have swam collegiately, have coached swimming, and are recreational and competitive swimmers themselves. We understand the training and mechanics required for swimmers, as well as common problems in swimmers that may lead to injuries.



Most soccer injuries tend to occur due to either direct contact such as collisions or repetitive action such as running, turning, or cutting. Whether your pain or injury in caused due to a traumatic event or repetitive strain, Motion Stability can effectively help you return to the soccer field. We are excellent with post-surgical care, and are also skilled diagnosticians of the causes of repetitive injuries such as hamstring strain, Achilles tendintis, plantar fasciitis, or hip pain. Our goal is to help you improve your efficiency, regain high-power speed and performance, and give you the tools to prevent future injuries.



Football is one of the most popular sports played by young athletes, and it leads all other sports in the number of injuries sustained. In 2007, more than 920,000 athletes under the age of 18 were treated in emergency rooms, doctors’ offices, and clinics for football-related injuries, according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. All the while, pressure increases for athletes to be bigger, run faster, and hit harder, pushing the limits of their bodies.


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