Mythbusters: Pt- Tie Down those Shoes

Post by Beth Collier PT, DPT, OCS

With less than 1 month before the big race, I have been struggling with shin splints on both legs. There are many factors that contribute to shin splints such as weakness in the core and hips, poor shoe wear, improper running form/stride length, etc. I wanted to start by trying to address something that could cause an immediate change. I know that my shoes were still in pretty good shape and still had plenty of miles left on them, so I took interest in some research involving proper fit of shoes with various lacing techniques. In the end, I discovered that shoe laces were part of the problem. That’s right, I changed the way in which my shoestrings were tied. Interestingly, I was able to complete a 10k run with a significant decrease in my pain from those menacing shin splints.  I know there are many things to continue working on, but perhaps this is an easy fix that could be contributing to other running injuries.   For more information on shoe lace research, check this out:

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