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Post By: Maggie Gebhardt, PT, DPT, OCS

As you may have read from Beth’s previous blog October is National Physical Therapy month which means it’s a pretty busy month at our clinic. I can say from personal experience that it has been quite a whirlwind! This is the month that our national organization (APTA) has designated to advocate for the profession and really tell the world what we do and how Physical Therapy can play an important role in your life. That being said, there are a lot of events that all occur within this month’s short 31 days. The slogan for national PT month is “Move Forward” That can mean many things, but here at Motion Stability we have taken that to a whole new level this year.

I am writing this as I fly home from a national conference where I had the opportunity to present along with Beth and my personal mentor, Joe Donnelly who has been mentoring and guiding both Beth and I for almost 10 years! This prestigious opportunity is one many PTs may strive for but few actually achieve. It is one of those experiences that I am sure will be a highlight of my professional career long after I have retired. This conference is the American Academy of Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapy (AAOMPT). The academy is comprised of many of our industry’s leading thinkers and I couldn’t help but be overwhelmed. I found myself presenting to many of the men whose research I have read, studied, and implemented into my own practice!  Our presentation focused on clinical reasoning, neurodynamics, and dry needling which went fabulously! While standing at that podium looking out a nodding, accomplished crowd, I realized how grateful I was to have been put into a position where I could learn from the best. My experience at Motion Stability has been an honor where I have continuing education and progressive thinking fostered on a daily basis.  That certainly sounds like “Move Forward” to me!

Beth and I return to Atlanta  with one of those forward thinkers in tow,  Michael Shacklock, DipPhysio, MAppSc, FACP He was  one of the featured speakers at AAOMPT, is coming to spend a week with us in the clinic and will cap off his visit with a weekend long nerve course that Motion Stability will be hosting at Mercer University (Click here for information). Michael isn’t the only one speaking this weekend because Beth, Joe, and I will be at it again. We will start off the nerve course with a symposium on Friday that we will be speaking at along with Brian and other distinguished speakers.

Some might say gluttons for punishment? I say innovative thought leaders using their training and resources to improve patient care.  With the state of healthcare today us medical providers have a responsibility to push the healthcare envelope. Our patients need and deserve the most accurate diagnoses with effective and progressive treatment strategies to maximize their outcomes so that they too can “Move Forward” and live their lives to their fullest potential. This is what I, as a therapist, and Motion Stability strive to do in the Physical Therapy world.

So, don’t give us too much of a hard time Monday morning when we look maybe a little more tired than usual. Just know that it was all in the pursuit of knowledge and optimal patient care. Maybe just think of us when you stop at Starbucks on the way to your appointment that day!

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