How long will I need therapy for chronic neck and back pain?


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Brian Yee PT, MPhty, OCS, FAAOMPT
It really depends, as chronic neck and back pain are usually from a multitude of problems. Some areas could be from tissue dysfunctions such as muscle trigger points, fascial restrictions, joint dysfunctions, or herniated discs. It could be from abnormal movement patterns such as poor muscle stability, muscle imbalances, or improper ergonomics or technique in sports/lifting. Pain itself can be categorized into different types as depending on the type of pain you have, should dictate the type of treatment you get. Lastly, internal issues such as medical pathologies, food intolerances, vitamin/hormonal imbalnces can be causing your pain. Receiving a thorough examination to determine the major contributing factors is vital in comprehensively treating chronic neck and back pain.
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