Training for a Boston Marathon – Interview with Dr. Laura Gold, PT (Part 2)

Our very own Dr. Laura Gold is running the Boston Marathon, which is only a few days away.  Training for a marathon is no easy task, but Dr. Gold has done an amazing job balancing her training and patient care here at the clinic. We sat down with Dr. Gold to ask about her experiences training for the Boston marathon.


What have you done to prepare?

I did a conservative training plan, so I didn’t focus on speed but instead on distance. While I did include some speedwork and higher mileage weeks, I was just focused on completing the marathon. I already had the base to do a 15 mile long run, and I built up to a 24 mile long run 3 weeks out from my race.  I didn’t particularly go out there with a big time goal, but I thought that based on my training, I would be able to hold a 7:35min/mile pace.  I ended up averaging a 7:27min/mile pace, so I was quite pleased!

Boston training has been different.  My original goal was to train more intensively for Boston and to bring my time down to 3 hours and 8 minutes. Unfortunately, training has not been what I wanted it to be — sometimes life just gets in the way!  I have been able to stay consistent enough to prepare for running the marathon, but my race plan is just to run easy, enjoy the sites, and avoid the need for a long post-marathon recovery. I will not be pushing the pace for this one!

My strength training consisted of about 1-2 days a week.  It wasn’t ideal in regards to preparation, because I know something consistent would have been more helpful to have more power to run.


What obstacles did you meet during training?

I found it difficult to put in mid-week miles, speedwork, and strength. So because of that, I think I’m not as healthy as I’d like to be. At times things hurt more than I’d like them to.  The hurt isn’t something to take me out of the race, but sometimes I wonder if any of my deficiencies are going to lead to a larger problem.

Luckily for me, I can work on myself or have any of my colleagues at clinic fix me up when I get back next week!


What are you looking forward to this Monday?

Given the way training went for me this year, my Boston marathon won’t be about running fast.  Instead I just get to soak it all in!. Boston is a celebration of running.

I’m excited to witness the resilience of the city and to honor those who lost someone or the ability to run. As a runner and someone who works with many running patients here in clinic, I’ve found that runners are unique in their spirit and perseverance. I think what I look forward to most on Monday is 26.2 miles of joy. And, perhaps, a milkshake (or two!) afterwards.


We’re very proud to have Dr. Gold and we’re excited for her to have an amazing run Monday.  Feel free to leave comments of encouragement below!

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