Lazy Butt Syndrome

As the height of running season approaches, it is prudent to address the importance of the hip musculature in keeping a runner pain-free while maintaining the efficiency required for long distance events. Motion Stability has partnered with Phiddipides, a local running store, to discuss this topic with their runners.

A lack of hip muscle strength can cause a myriad of problems in any person, but is especially problematic for runners as the hip muscles not only provide the propulsion for a powerful stride, but also the pelvic stability required to keep the lower legs moving efficiently. For a closer look at how weak hips can literally be a “pain in the butt” for runners, please click here read the article posted on Motion Stability’s website. The website has been redesigned to include a running section and will have more updates and interesting articles available to download in the coming months, so keep checking back in!

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