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To Stretch Or Not To Stretch?

by Jake Reynolds, PT, DPT Spine & Sports Clinic of Motion Stability   I frequently have clients ask about stretching and tend find a lot of confusion about proper technique and dosage. This confusion can lend itself to injury as opposed to injury prevention and performance enhancement (the intent of stretching). If we are stretching incorrectly you may actually prime your muscle for injury. For the sake of clarity, lets get a one thing out of the way: yes—stretching is important. In fact the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) outlines the following guidelines for flexibility training in terms of risk factor reduction for the development of injuries and preventable diseases:   At least two or three days of stretching…

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Pregnant and Running?

Whether you are a mom-to-be or a new mom, your body experiences changes that can affect your running biomechanics. In this podcast, physical therapists Bryan Heidersheit, PT, PhD, and Liz Chumanov, PT, DPT from the University of Wisconsin, discuss findings from their study investigating this topic, as well as, their clinical experiences with pregnant and postpartum runners. http://www.moveforwardpt.com/Radio/Detail.aspx?cid=d56f90c7-19dd-4689-9776-8fb6238a453a New aches and pains slowing you down? Trying to get back to running following pregnancy? We can help. The physical therapists at Movement Sports can help.   Call us today to set up a consultation.

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Movement: A Priority for the Older Adult

While it is important for people to be physically active at all ages, movement of our bodies on  a regular basis becomes even more critical as we age. Regular physical activity can prevent, slow, or even reverse many of the disease processes common among older adults. It is also important to remember that while some changes in our tissues are normal with age, we can most effectively keep muscles, bones, and joints healthy by using them; in other words, movement and exercise are the closest things we have to a fountain of youth. When it comes to making choices about staying active for you or an older adult member of your family, consider these facts:   Regular physical activity is…

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