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Eating Disorders, RED-S and Physical Therapy

Post By: Mandy Blackmon PT, DPT, OCS, CMTPT* Many people are familiar with eating disorders and disordered eating, but there is a significant amount of myth, misinformation and stigma surrounding these topics. There are 8-10 million Americans struggling with eating disorders. This statistic includes diagnoses of anorexia, bulimia, compulsive over-eating, and non-specific eating disorders that do not squarely fit into another category. A true eating disorder is a psychiatric diagnosis and may be accompanied by other psychiatric diagnoses, including depression, anxiety or obsessive-compulsive disorder. Anorexia has a 12x higher mortality rate for girls 15-24 years of age than all other causes of death. Eating disorders are often overlooked and missed by parents, friends, coaches, teachers, and healthcare professionals. Therefore, it…

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