Myofascial Trigger Points


Can your Muscles be the Source of your Pain?

Post by Brian Yee PT, MPhty, OCS, FAAOMPT Here’s a link from the Washington Post that talks about the role of myofascial pain in undiagnosed or unresolved pain. There is a tendency for patients to believe their pain is only from a structural problem such as a herniated disc, but in actuality there is a large contribution of pain that originates from the muscles and fascia of your body or what is called the myofascial system. Trigger points in the muscle and restrictions in your fascia around the muscles and joint of your body are just another tissue in your body that can be a pain generator. It is important to find a health practitioner that understands how to differentially…

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Dry Needling as a part of the Georgia Physical Therapy Practice Act under bill HR 145

Thank you to Georgia Representatives Sharon Cooper and Edward Lindsey, the use of dry needling in clinical practice has been adopted into the Georgia Physical Therapy Practice act under bill HR 145. Dry needling is a technique to improve myofascial pain and dysfunction, which includes treatment of trigger points. With proper clinical reasoning and treatment methodology, trigger point dry needling can help significantly with improvements in pain, dysfunction, range of motion, and movement patterns. For more information please view our website: For more information on the bill follow this link. _________________________ Medical Disclaimer: Motion Stability has created and compiled the content on its websites for your information and use. This information is not intended to replace or modify the…

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