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Got a Meeting? Take a Walk!

Planning that next high-powered business meeting? Consider taking it out of the board room. In this TED Talk, Nilofer Merchant discusses getting outside of the box to better think outside of the box. BONUS: It’s good for you!

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Movement: A Priority for the Older Adult

While it is important for people to be physically active at all ages, movement of our bodies on  a regular basis becomes even more critical as we age. Regular physical activity can prevent, slow, or even reverse many of the disease processes common among older adults. It is also important to remember that while some changes in our tissues are normal with age, we can most effectively keep muscles, bones, and joints healthy by using them; in other words, movement and exercise are the closest things we have to a fountain of youth. When it comes to making choices about staying active for you or an older adult member of your family, consider these facts:   Regular physical activity is…

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Welcome From Movement Sports

Welcome To Movement Sports Physical Therapy! We would like to welcome you to the start of Movement Sports Physical Therapy. We are excited to open this clinic to provide a unique patient experience for your orthopedic rehabilitation needs. We excel in treating your pain and orthopedic injuries, whether it be back pain, sports injuries, or post-surgical care, through a blend of hands-on manual therapy techniques, recommendations on specific exercises that are needed for you condition, and simply great customer service and patient care. One thing that defines us as an industry leader in Physical Therapy is our ability to understand and analyze the unique way you move, whether it be simply walking or playing your sport. Many times injuries and…

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Motion Stability