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Post By: Maggie Gebhardt, PT, DPT, OCS As you may have read from Beth’s previous blog October is National Physical Therapy month which means it’s a pretty busy month at our clinic. I can say from personal experience that it has been quite a whirlwind! This is the month that our national organization (APTA) has designated to advocate for the profession and really tell the world what we do and how Physical Therapy can play an important role in your life. That being said, there are a lot of events that all occur within this month’s short 31 days. The slogan for national PT month is “Move Forward” That can mean many things, but here at Motion Stability we have taken that…

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Disney or Motion Stability?

Post by Brian Yee, PT, DPT, MPhty, OCS, FAAOMPT When you think of Disney World, outside of Mickey, It’s a Small World, and now might think what a GREAT EXPERIENCE! And why is that? Its because the Disney Corporation has valued and made the customer experience one of the utmost priorities.Our staff recently read through a book written by Fred Lee called “If Disney Ran Your Hospital”. Fred was a former hospital administrator that worked with Disney. In his time at Disney, he was able to experience the culture and leadership training focusing on Disney’s gold standard in customer satisfaction. He wrote this book to bring his lessons from Disney and apply them to our healthcare system.He makes some interesting points about how…

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